col-lu-sion | ke-lu-zhen

a secret agreement or cooperation, when rival companies cooperate for their mutual benefit

coordinate | collaborate | collude

Collusion was born to serve in coordination with restaurants while collaborating with importers and saving time and expenses for all. We serve as your one point of contact

We created Collusion in the wake of the shockwave that hit the restaurant industry in 2020. We wanted to offer importers a way of minimizing the risk involved in building their own sales organisation, while at the same time offering professional buyers a way to save time and money by providing a single point-of-contact to a wide range of producers and products.

Collusion provides excellent wines for your customer


restaurants & sommeliers

We offer high-quality service and an unbeatable umbrella portfolio based on variety.

To save your staff’s time, we’ve simplified the order process and eliminated the need for sourcing from multiple importers – and dealing with invoices from multiple sources. We hand-pick importers to build a wider portfolio representing a variety of producers and products.

We are your one-stop source for professional procurement offering a single, experienced contact point dedicated to understanding your business and your clientele. We are 100% enthusiastic and committed to providing the best service level. We have the professional experience and put in the effort so your staff can focus on your core business.


importers of wine & beverages

We are your outsourced sales organisation

Our industry is based on long-standing relationships. It takes time and resources to build trust with buyers in restaurants, and the risk importers take in hiring their own sales team does not always pay off. We exist to minimize this risk: we offer our clients a team of experienced sales professionals, merited by years in HoReCa sales, and a solid track record in litres sold.

We start off by setting the goals together with you, then unleash our team to work the whole country to reach those goals. Our 360-degree service comes with no fixed fees: our provision is based solely on our performance and the sales we generate for you. You have full transparency all the way from sales to reporting and invoicing. We don’t just work for you – we work with you to get the best added value for your business.


we work with

We work with importers and restaurant service providers we can relate to, nurturing relationships that are built on a shared enthusiasm for quality, know-how and experience.






+358 45 344 0502

Aadel is the man that would write, script, direct and star in the motion picture title The Art of the Salesman. He is at the very heart of our core value, oozing service

With his unbeatably charismatic smile and (pre covid) strong hugs. He is sure to provide you with reassurance while working together with Collusion





+358 40 565 9050

In this last year Antti has added restauranteur @albina and entrepreneur @collusion to his resume. Although his title could very well be “wine aficionado” at both, it would be a valid. Through his dedication to the craft he has completely surrendered himself to wine but also to the service industry it its every form.

With his self proclaimed “good vibes” and get it done attitude he tends to work under the radar. He is unflinching with his values and while our industry is pivoting and adapting on a daily basis it is with this integrity that we have created a strong core.

Although he has a love for Riesling and fixation on traditional wine, we are sure he will still get a smile on his face chatting natural wine with the Gen Z 😬




+358 40 528 8792

There are mechanics of hospitality that can be taught and other things that have to come naturally. Toomas is the full package. If there was a service all star team, anyone would surely draft him up. 💪

It is easy to work with Toomas, he is as dependable as they come. He won’t just get the job done he’ll do it with a smile and a laugh.

You’ll find him taking care of business from Pirkanmaa all the way north to Utsjoki , it is a pretty big space but you can count him to be there wherever you need him. 🙌




+358 50 305 5189

With an energetic laugh Laura pulls everyone up around her.  Her constant drive for perfection keeps the team on their toes.

Her love of wine is strong but her love to share that is even stronger, bridging together the stories from producers to the teams that will share them.

Hard at work, she ensures that the heart of everything we do is lead by our belief in hospitality.




+358 50 468 6808

As one of our founders Veli-Matti hails from a long history in the restaurant industry and a long relationship with wines 🍷 He has now grown into an entrepreneur and founder with Collusion. 

Never one to shy from a conversation, Veli-Matti helps to ensure the day to day ops. He is not always on the front lines but is definitely behind the scenes where enabling us to do what we each do best. His experience building Tulopos gives him a level head and helps to ensure our growth.




+358 44 088 3112

Aleksi is my name and managing direct sales is my occupation. My past highlights include selling kitchens and spending a whopping 5 and a half years completing my bachelor’s degree.

Currently, I’m in my fifth year in the drinks industry and I’ve learned plenty, but I have infinitely more still to learn. I am steadfast in my mission to provide the best customer experience possible and believe that to be the only way to form lasting partnerships with our clients.